Tuesday, April 21, 2009


The crocuses have faded already.....waiting for the daffodils to bloom. I divided some just after blooming last spring and the new crop is looking good. Last week, I started some burgundy sunflowers and sweet pea seeds. The gardens are raked, but it would be nice to have some green in the yard. With the rain we're expected to get over the next few days, that'll help.
I just have a couple more hours of work on my Chicken Little rug, and I can't wait to be finished with it... I've always said I'm easily bored, but it may just be ADD. I went to my favorite cross stitch store last week and bought a pattern and pretty needlepoint silks. It's nice to see cross stitch making a comeback...I thought my days of stitching were over, until I got some "readers" at Walmart! I'll show you some of my finished cross stitch pieces in a future post.
Laundry and making of banana bread are calling me....until next time. Mary

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