Sunday, June 14, 2009

I brake for lupine.

I should have this bumper sticker on my car. In mid-June on the coast of Maine, the lupine put on a spectacular show. Try to see it'll never forget it. Mary


  1. Mary, Beautiful pics of the Lupine!! I tried growing it once and it didn't make it the following year. I can grow just about everything else! LOL


  2. Gorgeous! Perfect for a desktop background :)

  3. Hello there, Mary!!
    I was just surfing and trying to learn a bit more about blogs when I saw your notice 'I brake for lupines'. I knew it had to be you with the Thyme and Tide call name.
    What do you know? I brake for lupins too!! And that's not the only coincidence!! I know your brother really well. As a matter of fact I actually live with him (when he comes home from his boat work). Isnt' the web an amazing place! Much love from your Canadian sister in law, B