Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Let it Snow

I've been watching the snow come down all day and the busy, busy birds at the feeders. I just listed some heart tags on etsy, and I wanted to show what else I've been up to. I bought some rubber and a Speedball carving set at and I'm trying to make some rubber stamps (usable ones!). These are my first stamps....a bit of a learning curve, to be sure. There a lot of tutorials on the internet, but, true to my nature, I didn't read them until after I finished the first one. Let me know what you think (be kind now).


  1. love them! especially the pineapple and heart! good thing to start playing with just in time for valentine's day cards.

  2. I love your stamps!

  3. WOW!!!!!!!! They are fantastic!!!! I love them so much....What is Dick Blicks? I live in Scotland. I have been to America but never heard of that store. They are unreal!!!! xxxRobby

  4. Thank you! Dick Blick is an art supply company. They have stores, but I buy on-line at mary